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SMART Smoking Cabin

The Best Price Performer in The Market

Effective smoking solution for private company use Euromate offers a complete line of  products to filter tobacco smoke. Unwanted tobacco smoke, unpleasant odours and harmful gases and particles can be filtered in a smoking cabin.

  • Recirculating system (no external exhaust connection needed

  • Best price performer in the market

  • Unique five-phase filtering system, combined in three disposable filters

  • Ecofriendly (Led-Light, Bamboo, EC-Motor with ERP-Certification)

  • Easy to replace

SMART Smoking Cabin

The freestanding SMART Smoking Cabin can be installed everywhere in your building and is easy to replace. Ideal for a quick and efficient cigarette break in offices, production and logistic companies. The effective 5-phase filter system has a long service life and removes tobacco smoke efficiently. Besides the energy saving electronic controlled motor (average use 40W, maximum use 90W) the cabin is equipped with a start/stop system. The sensor detects people entering the cabin so the air is only cleaned when the cabin is used which also saves energy. The compact size of only 1450 x 1000 x 2350 millimeters blends in everywhere and can be built up in around two hours!

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